What You Can Expect

Thanks for your input and the teaching… That has thoroughly changed my energy work once again… Don’t know how to thank you for doing what you do. It has made an incredible impact on my life.


A bit of background around three of John’s modes of delivery…


About Private Consultations

Whether you’re engaging with John over the phone, over the internet or in person, be prepared to be respected. You deserve it. And be prepared to be treated as a unique person as much as it is also true, at times, that some of your circumstances have themes to them that are universal.

As we begin to chat, topics reveal themselves. We may start with a burning issue you arrived with. Not surprisingly, other topics can emerge that are even more to the point. Humour is always present. Your role as a teacher of life (surprising to many) is given just as much weight as your role as a student. Collaboration and inclusion are in plentiful supply; more is available to you than we can know.

Sessions last for 1.5 hours on average – enough time to relax while firming up refreshing perspectives. You may wish to take notes; some report how things seen to shift even before we commence. Subsequent sessions build on our progress; new developments are always taken into account.


About Group Gatherings

Some group sessions include people who know each other in some context, including work, or a project in need of a refreshing angle or a boost. Others are “open” groups John regularly moderates, including individuals of all ages, cultures and walks of life. Some participants have practices linked to healing or transformation, others are exploring; some are prone to unusual events or perceptions in need of a respectful place where they can be discussed and shared. The relevance of what John calls “spiritual mechanics: to daily life and practical application is an abiding theme.

Sometimes people come with situations (which John calls “cases”) that are put on the table so we can all learn, grow, lower effort and raise our effectiveness. Respect and confidentiality are key; relaxation and humour are always in attendance. John moderates the discussion and demonstration to optimize participation while ensuring comfort and inclusion.

Gatherings are also about the atmosphere of inclusion and respect a group itself can produce spontaneously for the good of all. John prefers that anyone wishing to join us first calls him for a phone chat in order for him to explain the parameters and how the sessions are conducted. This saves time and helps ensure that all who attend gain the most out of the experience.


About Speaking Engagements

Whether John has been invited to speak to a group or is hosting one of his own public talks, his respect and attentiveness to the energy in the room is a guarantee. He has come to know and demonstrate how “atmospheric energy” is affected by our thoughts, and vice versa. The atmosphere around our society could use a holiday; and so could we. Often John will focus on one or two deep messages or themes close to the needs and experience of the audience. Around this he weaves inclusion, acknowledgement, and refreshing perspective served up with wit, relevance and humour.