What John Does and Why

I love John and his work. It is amazing and fun to work with the energies and watch them unfold. I have been on many ‘field trips’ and have had fabulous results. Thank you John for sharing this fun and simple technique…that even works for parking spaces.


Passion creates exquisite cuisine, drop-dead novels, life-altering floral arrangements, and parties you remember for the rest of your life. It creates high-benefit, low-maintenance friendships, exuberant across-the-street encounters and tales you’d tell your grandchildren.

We recognize this, but so many of us don’t understand it. So it goes with the commodity called love. Is love really lost, found, withheld, searched for, kept, gathered or expected? Is there more to it? Or, more accurately, is there less to the notion of love than we think?

Likewise, in making things less complicated, John listens deeply to situations and sees the underlying elements of many a drama. He’s quick at coming to the point in ways that lift everyone and everything around him. And he includes healthy dollops of humour. As a consequence, people cease trying to “fix” things, and begin to blossom.

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