Training and Development

You’re awesome. Had me awestruck. If you would, could, want to forward me your statement “Ladies and Gentlemen….”, I would appreciate it so much.


John was once approached by a delegation and asked to offer a series of gatherings so they could share and engage in the principles he demonstrates — approaches that can be applied to all manner of circumstances. After ten such events, he was told in no uncertain terms that he mustn’t stop providing them. He hasn’t, and people keep coming.

John’s approach ensures that individuals as well as groups, relationships, and even projects are empowered. Training and development helps ensure that this refreshing approach can spread to to uplift personal and collective circumstances for the benefit of us all. He accomplishes this, in part, through his offering of the following elements:

Group Gatherings

In addition to providing private consultations for individuals and groups, John also holds “open house” gatherings. He moderates these circle discussions to help ensure the widest and deepest learning. Rather than therapy, it’s a chance to share skills by applying philosophies and refreshing tools to real-life situations, for the good of all.

The gathering swirls around topics that participants put “on the table” or subjects John has recently encountered through his work. Circumstances, questions and experiences are shared respectfully in ways that raise the vibration, contribute to learning, fun and discovery, and foster practical ideas you can take away with you! Truly an infectious atmosphere that keeps on giving.


John has conducted single-event and multiple workshops for people who seek to feel and experience the range of choices they really have in life. Topics have included:

  • Understanding Energy (A Weekly Afternoon Series)
  • Infusing Community With Inspiration
  • Personal Development Using the Inspirational Circle
  • Demonstrating Spirituality and Teamwork in Healing
  • How Big is Your Playroom? Perspectives for all ages about what it means to be childlike
  • Daring Not to Struggle: Whose Problem Is It Anyway?
  • Appreciating Your Presence: Are You Aware of What You Accomplish?
  • Experiencing the Power and Joy of Group Energy

Individual Training

John can arrange focussed individual and group training to bring clarity to skills, innate abilities and the use of principles included in Spiritual Mechanics.

Interested in his offerings in this regard? Contact him here.