In addition to feedback shared throughout this website, here’s what others are saying about John Heney and what he does —

 I marvel at the way you open people’s minds, and how you approach “problems” — I was just reading the part about housework last night just before bedtime and thinking about how I would really need, need, need to get started on the bedroom wing this morning — and on and on — in order to be ready for Christmas. Well needless to say your philosophy caught me square like deer in headlights. Gleefully so. …I’m catching on to how your views of life work and why Allison thought so much of your work. Go for it, John! LOL ~ C.B.

 FYI… Highly recommend John Heney!!! I’ve been to a few evening groups and experienced a personal session with John… Good news, he is local and a great guy. ~ A.B.

 Funny John, you’re always in the eye of the storm, where everything is peaceful and the chaos swirls around you leaving you untouched. Ain’t it great! ~ J.W.

 I am always amazed and entertained when John takes the stage. But…talk about the pressure of following someone as fabulous as John Heney! What, me nervous? ~ J.M.

 DUDE ! i feel relief, thanks, i thought it might be better if i carefully wrote to you, rather than just rambling on and on i feel this on point ! Thanks x infinity the ease that serves, just being our true selves! thank you for your example dear friend. Your work/play is not unnoticed here and i appreciate your individual touch. Love ~ S.T.

 I am just checking in to always let you know that “Ladies & Gentlemen” has come through for me again, again & again. . . Wish to Thank You for having shared this information at one of Mel’s workshops. Beautiful thoughts & gratitude. ~ N.B.

 I’ve been checking out your website and I honestly find it captivating. You definitely have a very interesting approach on things. ~ S.R.

 It’s your responses that I should be circulating! Talk about positive and fun energy. Thank You John. You are so appreciative! Smile. ~ R.G.

 I always look forward to your weekly message! Keep up the good work! : ) ~ G.S.

 I had a wonderful time with you at your home on Thursday, and I am so very grateful to be part of your world. Each day has been a whirlwind of enormous energy, and I feel like a new person… Actually, that’s not true. For the first time in my life, I feel like I can truly be the person I am, without having to pretend to be anything else. ~ K.Q.

 John, several years ago, I bought your book at St Brigid’s on the history of the Heney family. It brought to life this City of Ottawa. I look at the houses around Ottawa U and get such value from walking or busing Chapel Street or Laurier because of the references in your book. Thank you for the valuable insights. It is one book I will keep for life because it enriches my understanding of life in historic Ottawa. ~ I.A.

 We hope you will be able to come to our CD release concert on Nov 1st John. It was you and our sharing of space and time with you that really encouraged us to work together more. Thank you for all you do! ~ N.P.