I can’t wait!! … Humourist, author and spiritual mechanic John Heney returns and will walk you through uplifting and inspiring approaches to widen your business reach, deepen your impact and increase returns within your networks.

~ C.S.

John is at ease in speaking circumstances of all types. These he uses to inspire, engage, involve and uplift his audiences. A resounding theme runs through these interactions about empowering people and groups in respectful, uplifting ways. He is a speaker who engages instantly and includes all; he takes great joy in demonstrating connections and everyday applications linked to almost any situation. Take a look at these examples:

John Heney Speaking at City Hall 2009

John Heney is known as an engaging and humorous speaker, infusing his audience with uplifting messages, inclusion, purpose, vision and fun.

Speaking at Your Stage

Your Stage Canada is dedicated to honing public speaking and business networking skills as well as personal and professional development. It currently centres its activities in Ottawa. The Your Stage approach is deep, inclusive, expansive and uplifting. Having been invited to speak before this diverse and multi-talented group on a number of occasions, John has become known for his quick wit, side-splitting humour, surprise twists on topics and deep yet practical messages. For more on information, visit the Your Stage website.

By the way…you were just awesome on Friday! Congratulations on a superb talk…I just loved it!!
~ Your Stage founder Steve Lowell

Speaking at Green Rendezvous

Green Rendezvous created a monthly gathering over breakfast to share and educate regarding a “green” lifestyle. Upon being invited to give a talk, John explored ecologically-friendly relationships, and why it’s so important to be just as attentive and uplifting in our relationships (even with ourselves) as we seek to be with any other aspect of the environment. A good time was had by all!

This month’s speaker is spiritual mechanic John Heney who will enlighten us with his words, energy and ability to show us the importance of social interconnection. Those of us who have seen John speak know that this is an event that cannot be missed, and the first-timers out there are in for a treat.
~ A Green Rendezvous organizer

The A.R.E Atlantic Conference July 2012

The Art of Spiritual Mechanics: Daring to Live What the Soul Already Knows

From July 6-8, 2012 John Heney presented elements of his work at the Atlantic Regional Conference of the Association for Research and Enlightenment (the A.R.E.), at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. The conference organizers chose to centre the event on John’s work and approach. He spoke in front of four plenary sessions, and more, around his themes of Energy, Thought, Intent and Fun; When Talking it Becomes Living It; Demonstrating Spiritual Mechanics; and Daring to Live What the Soul Already Knows.

The A.R.E. is a non-profit association that explores spiritual, health, intuitive, psychic and other elements of development so as to help transform people’s lives for the better, through education and the application of core concepts in the work of the American seer and prophet Edgar Cayce. The A.R.E. operates centres in 37 countries, with members found in more than 70 countries. For more information check out Edgar Cayce Canada.

Thank you for speaking to the A.R.E conference. . . . I am full of thanks to you for being with us. I feel as if I have been transformed in some way. You are one of the most beautiful people I have had the opportunity to experience. I am not sure how to relate this to the information you imparted to us this weekend … I feel as if I am looking at myself for the first time and actually have had a moment of true love for myself as a piece of all humanity, a link in the chain, a repaired neuron …. Somehow I feel totally repaired. Thank you so much for being in our presence. Thank you for the present that is YOU.
~ J.D