Motives to Connect

John Heney pretty much rocks when it come to awesome mentorship by demonstration.


People approach John Heney regardless of age, culture, economic circumstances, profession or background. Referrals are common. Their motives often relate to being valued, revitalized and reconnected. Many come seeking validation of personal perceptions or experiences that are considered “out of the box” or that involve intuition or a “sixth sense”. Like many of them —

Do You Desire

  • finesse in communication of all types
  • more ease with work and relationships
  • skill with psychic abilities in the service of greater good
  • guidance in dealing with unexplained phenomena
  • profound engagement with others, but cannot find the “vibe”
  • a tweak of “spiritual mechanics” to fine-tune creativity, healing abilities, rising intuition, a sense of purpose, a refreshing outlook, and more
  • a mentor and network sharing refreshing ways toward fun, ease and joy to multiple aspects of your life
  • to become a person you’d love to meet

Do You Feel

  • there’s “more to life”, but lack a roadmap, a means of expression, or access to like-minded people
  • left out; somehow unable to “join in”
  • part of a “bigger picture” than most people
  • drawn to deeper meaning and purpose but feel somehow disconnected
  • trapped in living with a teenager, or some other haunting experience?
  • you could use some answers, lightness, resolution, or more than he “same old, same old”
  • you’re in situations (what John calls “cases”) you believe few would listen to, accept, understand, or allow to dissolve through non-judgemental sharing
  • you approach life too often as problematic, and would love uplifting perspectives toward your circumstances

If so, come explore the art of spiritual mechanics! Discover how a growing network around the world is having fun applying it for themselves and others…

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