Group Sessions

In addition to providing private consultations for individuals and groups, John also holds “open house” gatherings. He moderates these circle discussions to help ensure the widest and deepest learning. Rather than therapy, it’s a chance to share skills by applying philosophies and refreshing tools to real-life situations, for the good of all.

The gathering swirls around topics that participants put “on the table” or subjects John has recently encountered through his work. Circumstances, questions and experiences are shared respectfully in ways that raise the vibration, contribute to learning, fun and discovery, and foster practical ideas you can take away with you! Truly an infectious atmosphere that keeps on giving.

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Email Notices:

People within John’s network get a chance to share and stay connected online through Emails he regularly transmits within his group, around the world. These include notification of group sessions and special events, points to ponder, shared observations, Q&As, and participant contributions.

Ask John about becoming part of this uplifting exchange!