It’s I who thanks you, John, for creating a space where we not only get to play there, also anywhere. I woke up seeing things slightly differently today. Even went on a healing journey with my crowd in a different way to start my day. Truly appreciated.


John has been lending his ear to the development of organizations, individuals, plans, clients’ perspectives and projects for much of his life. As a teenager he served on the Mayor’s Committee on Police and Community Relations in Stratford, Ontario — a groundbreaking foray into dialogue between policing and the public. He has a reputation for consensus-building and the creation of teams toward win-win results, something he has applied in work with a number of organizations and community projects.

Every consultation is an opportunity for wisdom and creativity to land and open up, so that more people can demonstrate refreshing approaches that turn their activities into lasting legacies. ~ John Heney

Consultations with John are engaging, open, relaxed, intriguing, inspiring and thought-provoking. His angle on things moves matters quickly and easily toward not only resolution but on to achievement and something very important. That is legacy. Simply put, it’s how individual and collective efforts can leave imprints that have a lasting effect for the self and society, even as the entire process is made more fun, easier, and lighter.

Individual and Group Coaching

John provides coaching by phone or in person to individuals and groups wishing to explore more of who they are, and more about what they recognize but often cannot express. John encourages people to empower themselves. He encourages them to simultaneously recognize the individual in the group, the group in the self, the self in the universe and the universe that lives in the self.

Document Preparation

John’s service can involve written reports related to consultations as well as report writing that emanates separately but as part of a consultation process.

Strategic Planning

John can engage in the strategic planning process as part of his service package as a way of helping to ensure that principles and practices which arise from consultations also become part of ongoing activities.

Training and Development

Consultations may evolve into dedicated training for those who, having tasted and experienced what is available, would like to undertake formal training in related techniques

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