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Just to let you know I’ve read 100 pages — and it goes to bed with me every night. Wow — you are an incredible writer. I am fascinated with the way you have turned phrases and input into almost novel like reading. Great job!

A reader writes about “John Heney & Son”

John appreciates how the written word carries its own energies that lift off the page or the screen to conveying many meanings, at many levels. It is at once a tool, a conveyance and an influence.

He has applied writing in journalism, essays, articles, editing, policy and legislation, business, correspondence, and for marketing, advocacy and public relations. He has contributed to a number of books, authored his own and coached in the art of the written word. Check out —

  • His groundbreaking autobiography The Thunder Within: A True Story about his journey through the debilitating conditions of cerebral palsy, ataxia, aphasia and sudden-onset dystonia.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen! Daring to Live What the Soul Already Knows, which has been helping people in all walks of life recognize the power of choice that puts the word “common” back into common sense.
    Ladies and Gentlemen

    Ladies and Gentlemen

  • His equally strong passion for history and how it too reflects interconnection. In John Heney & Son: The Canadian Saga of an Ottawa Irish Family you’ll find some of his underlying themes and his humour, as he shows how dimensions across time have always linked us together.

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This guy has not just a powerful story and exploration of the unseen factors in life, but also a great sense of humour. For him, that aspect of fun and laughter is integral to the spiritual journey, self-development, personal healing, finding your path, etc. which many are seeking. Having read a few “self-help” and “personal power” books that systematically — and ploddingly — break this all down into sub-topics for study, John Heney’s inviting us along on his hilarious pilgrim’s-progress story came as a refreshing change.
~ A reader writes about “The Thunder Within”

John also writes on assignment to help individuals and groups better express themselves in a positive and forward-looking manner that speaks of leadership, example and legacy.