Hey John! High-five! Today many of the things you said began making a lot of sense to me and applying themselves in my day. I used “Ladies and Gentlemen” twice today when various superficial things got me down, and it worked amazingly well… My mental process was a lot clearer… and my entire outlook is generally more positive and intense. What you said about me helping people out of their respective “being stuck”? I noticed that, too… I’m starting to see myself as someone who can help, instead of being frustrated and resentful about other people’s spiritual paths. Best of all? I had a very lucid dream last night; kinda like I used to. Can we meet again next week? THANKS


To John, attunements are all about refreshing a situation, literally inspiring it with the breath of a new approach that often ends with the observation, “Gee, that makes sense!” or “Who woulda thunk!” John believes that our collective response to energies, “vibes” and atmosphere need to become more creative and empowering if we are truly to shift our social tendency toward reaction, fixing, overcoming, or finding ourselves healing only the negative results of behaviors.

While people may tend toward fixing or correcting when dealing with all manner of corrective attunements, John also keeps an eye on the attitude and angle interveners and client as much as he pays attention to the matter at hand and its environment.

He believes that work with subtle energies such as intuition is blossoming — gaining acceptance and use; soon to be treated as understood, shared and common rather than as “paranormal”. Call this aspect of his work what you will, it all comes down to bring uplifting creativity, peace and cooperation to people, groups and situations.

Atmospheric Attunements

John is known to bring lightness not only to people and groups but also to atmospheres in homes, workplaces and other environments. People have been occupying, using and influencing spaces since their cave-dwelling days. Yes, we tend to leave traces, even as we fill locations with charges of energy, some of it uplifting, some of it not so much, and some of it just plain bored. Even in this, John brings a refreshing approach, continuing to empower people at all levels in such a way that they contribute to the sense of a space, not just feel affected by it.

Attunement of Abilities

John works with psychics, teachers, doctors, psychiatrists, artists, health care practitioners, social workers and people whose work intervenes in the lives of others. He coaches practitioners from all walks of life as to how they can improve their work, helping them to apply these multi-faceted dynamics to children, classrooms, parenting, midwifery, writing, dance, the medical arts and more. Whatever the ability, fun fine-tuning can be not only beneficial, but an enjoyable experience!


John applies his attunements to projects, organizing, business ventures and groups, including in the aspect of partnering so that stakeholders of many types benefit from the essence of cooperation, sustainability and legacy in what we do. His work in this regard is but one example of how John continues to include teamwork in many aspects of his consultancy.

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