An Introduction

I bought “Ladies & Gentlemen” as the bookstore was closing, and can hear your laughter in every page. Thank goodness, I thought, the book is written and far better than I could have done it. It has been — and will continue to be — one of my favourite and most recommended books. I see many recipients in its future (I have a list).


John Heney listens to people’s situations, and gives refreshing and uplifting options a chance to emerge from their circumstances. His input refreshes people, enlivening their place in society. In doing so, he becomes more creative himself, demonstrating to others how they can do the same. It’s all about becoming the person you’d love to meet, and —

John Heney

John is known for his casual, inclusive style in his writing, mentoring and public speaking.

  • truly loving who you are, and being fascinated by it
  • valuing how you do things, not just what you do
  • engaging with others in uplifting ways while being gentle with yourself
  • partnering in ways that set an example for any project
  • liberating yourself and others from culturally imposed conflict
  • in fact, daring to live what the soul already knows

Achieving this and living it can be supported by the perspectives and tools found in what John calls —

The Art of Spiritual Mechanics

  • working from where you’re at, here and now, and knowing it makes a difference
  • meeting and supporting like-minded people
  • turning your circumstances into service for self and others
  • enjoying low-maintenance, high-benefit encounters
  • applying sustainability, viability and legacy to what you do

You can get involved by

  • joining others in his live, telephone or online meetings
  • partaking in private sessions for yourself or group
  • training to incorporate these approaches into your life and projects
  • introducing friends, family, or organization to his talks, sessions and materials
  • giving yourself permission to dive in, have fun, and embrace what you’ve long suspected but perhaps have not always applied

John discourages being placed in any box which sees him as a mystic, as advanced, or as singularly gifted, for he knows that the electromagnetic energy — what he calls the atmosphere — around people and in places is alive, always has been, and always will be, regardless of our level of awareness of it. While the result may appear to be a fix or a healing, he is really refreshing a situation and creating uplifting relationships — be they among people, beliefs or elements of nature. This in turn, results in change that, as a byproduct, achieves desired results, and more.

Come on in! Meet John, his engaging work, and more of who you really are!